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What is HDPE?

  1. HDPE: High-density polyethylene, also known as PEHDpolyethylene high-density  is a polyethylene thermoplastic manufactured from petroleum. Commonly used to manufacture piping that is corrosion resistant, plastic lumber and geomembranes that are used for geothermal installations. HDPE is known for its large strength to density ratio.

HDPE is the preferred method for geothermal piping installations, although it is more expensive than other types of pipes available, the results and quality that brings back to your installation might be well worth it. It is a higher grade of polyethylene pipe. The warranty available for this product by different manufacturer’s can go over 50 years or more. This product can provide better thermal conductivity, resistance to corrosion due to chemicals, great pressure rating and a stronger pipe ideal for vertical installations.

Available are different sizes of HDPE coil pipes that we carry in inventory:

We carry Centennial Plastics HDPE pipes. Their CenFuse geothermal pipe is the first pipe to be certified by the new standard NSF/ANSI 358-1. In this category we can find the U-Bend by EarthLoop.

The U-Bend EarthLoop allow for efficient vertical and directional boring. You can easily guide the EarthLoop down the bore holes using their patented U-Bend fitting guides.

The CenFuse pipe is fused at the factory to the U-Bend Centennial Bullets, this feature facilitates and shortens the installation time as contractors can skip the fusing step. They are also the narrowest U-Bend in the market, using less annular space in  drilling.



Parallel Horizontal Closed Loop Installation